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Privacy first analytics



How Fast, Real-Time and Privacy-First Analytics Can Power Successful Personalization Strategies

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Google Pressed Pause on Removing Third-Party Cookies. What Should Brands Do Next?

Late last week, Google announced postponing the removal of third-party (3P) cookies from Chrome. While some marketers were...

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What’s Next for 1:1 Identity in a Google-Less Industry?

This article was originally posted on Business 2 Community. 

As anyone in the advertising industry well knows, Google is in the...

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How First-Party Identity Will Rule Personalized Digital Marketing

This is quite an irony. Post-Pandemic, as brands are having to figure out how to sell their products directly to consumers, we...

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The Future of Identity Post Google

Identity has become the topic of the day and a very polarizing conversation between Google and the rest of the advertising...

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Cookies Are No Longer Worth a Fortune: How Identity and Personalization Are Adding to the Conversation

When we log into our Uber app, it automatically pulls up our most recent destinations. When we visit a clothing website, we see...

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