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Privacy first analytics



How Fast, Real-Time and Privacy-First Analytics Can Power Successful Personalization Strategies

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Winning Strategies First: Ingredients for a Successful Marketing Overhaul

This article was originally featured in Total Retail


Digital commerce has emerged as a winning business strategy since 2020 as...

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Tags: personlization, digital marketing, eCommerce marketing,

GrowthCast: Investing for 2030 with Simplify

What trends should investors be aware of while seeking alpha for 2030? Along with eCommerce and personalization, what companies...

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Tags: "personalization", Thought Leadership, eCommerce,

GrowthCast: Mastering Branding with Salsify

What is good branding and how does it impact the overall corporate growth strategy? What are product content activation, product...

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Tags: eCommerce marketing, Thought Leadership, eCommerce,

GrowthCast: Know Your Customers and Brand Differentiation for CMOs

What is KYC and why is it important in the retail world? What strategies can CMOs employ to transform their brands?

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Tags: brands, Thought Leadership, DTC,

GrowthCast: Best Data and DTC Practices

What are the essential ingredients for a successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) selling? Data, more data, and DTC best practices.


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Tags: omnichannel, Thought Leadership, DTC,

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