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Digital Marketer Speaks Out: Emma on ADHD

We are honored to share a story about Emma O'Sullivan. We’ve known Emma through our work together in creating personalized DCO campaigns for global brands. Here’s her story: from the time when she was first diagnosed with ADHD, to seeing her strength in dealing with it at work and at home.  Her resilience shines in her willingness to accept this reality--not only to survive it but thrive in her personal and work life. Today, she is the Business Director at ForwardPMX, managing digital marketing campaigns for some of the world's largest brands.


Emma's story has deeply touched me, here, in her own words:


"I think that theme of building a career/life success is great and hope that the lens I can offer will help young women find their way. I was diagnosed with ADHD a couple of years ago after struggling with the depression and anxiety it caused for many years before. It completely reframed my whole reality; who I thought was and how I interact with others. So much suddenly made sense and the views I had held of myself completely shattered. Some bad, but some good as well.


"I am still working through the realisations of why certain things in my career (and school life) happened the way they did and am slowly rebuilding my own perception of who I really am. I would be honoured to share this story, what ADHD means for women in particular, (it's very different and I have done a LOT of research!) and how I've built my career around this - the struggles and the wins."


You will enjoy Emma's story. Let me know your thoughts on her experience. 






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September 19th, 2019


By Anna Luo

Anna Luo, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Customer Innovation at Jivox, is passionate about introducing cutting-edge technologies to enterprise customers – putting them on the path of increased competitiveness and accelerated growth. She has two decades of marketing experience, most of which she has spent driving across-functional collaboration to scale startups and contributing to successful exits via IPO and acquisition.