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Privacy first analytics



How Fast, Real-Time and Privacy-First Analytics Can Power Successful Personalization Strategies

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Nimay Parekh

Nimay Parekh is VP of Product and Growth at Jivox. He is responsible for leading Jivox's new eCommerce product initiatives and growth programs. He has over 15 years of experience in cloud, ML and IoT based technologies. He is a TED speaker, White House Presidential Innovation Fellow admit, NASA based Singularity University graduate and MBA from INSEAD.

GrowthCast: Artificial Intelligence in Energy and Climate Change

What are self driving buildings? How do electric vehicles continue to innovate with EV charging networks and real estate? How can...

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Tags: "personalization", Thought Leadership, artificial intelligence,

GrowthCast: Super Funnels with DeepCrawl

What are super funnels and why do they matter? Can we achieve a low customer acquisition cost while maintaining high throughput...

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Tags: Thought Leadership

GrowthCast: Values-Driven Leadership with Lucidworks

What is values-driven leadership? Why is vulnerability important in the workplace? How can leaders, CxOs and board members...

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Tags: Thought Leadership, growth strategy, values-driven,

GrowthCast: Investing for 2030 with Simplify

What trends should investors be aware of while seeking alpha for 2030? Along with eCommerce and personalization, what companies...

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Tags: "personalization", Thought Leadership, eCommerce,

GrowthCast: Digital Transformation with Cloudera

How can one scale one’s data and cloud architecture? How does supporting a cloud center of excellence lead to product led growth?...

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Tags: jivox podcast, Thought Leadership, cloud computing,

GrowthCast: Mastering Branding with Salsify

What is good branding and how does it impact the overall corporate growth strategy? What are product content activation, product...

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Tags: eCommerce marketing, Thought Leadership, eCommerce,

GrowthCast: Community-led Product Growth with Stack Overflow

What is community-led growth and why does it matter? How does Stack Overflow think about its developer community? What are the...

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Tags: jivox podcast, Thought Leadership, product-led growth,

4 Trends CEOs and CMOs Need To Be Aware of in 2021

This article was originally published by Toolbox.com.  

2020 was a year of tremendous strife and technological tailwinds.With...

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Tags: "personalization", consumer privacy, Thought Leadership,

Growth Commerce: Emerging Global Trends in eCommerce (EMEA)

In Part 1, we discussed the history of eCommerce and the emerging trends in commerce in North America. North America post COVID...

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Tags: digital marketing, omnichannel, eCommerce marketing,

Growth Commerce: Emerging Global Trends in eCommerce (North America)

Growth Commerce represents a navigated tour around the world with regards to emerging eCommerce trends and patterns. With...

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Tags: digital marketing, omnichannel, eCommerce marketing,

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