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Privacy first analytics



How Fast, Real-Time and Privacy-First Analytics Can Power Successful Personalization Strategies

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Anna Luo

Anna Luo, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Customer Innovation at Jivox, is passionate about introducing cutting-edge technologies to enterprise customers – putting them on the path of increased competitiveness and accelerated growth. She has two decades of marketing experience, most of which she has spent driving across-functional collaboration to scale startups and contributing to successful exits via IPO and acquisition.

VIP Q&A: Tom Treanor on Personalization, Data Privacy & the Future of Marketing
"Personalization is really understanding and anticipating what are the next steps to help you solve a problem or get something...

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Tags: "personalization", digital marketing, consumer privacy,

Blaze the Personalization Trail!
By Anna Luo On November 30, 2021

Blaze the Personalization Trail!

How to Optimize Customer Journeys, Attribute Revenue, Create High Engagement via Lightning-Fast Analytics & Data Clean Rooms in a...

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Tags: digital marketing, dynamic creative, Platform & Technology,

VIP Q&A: Bryan Kramer on Humanizing Marketing, Personalizing CX & More

“The future of Digital Marketing is a combination of digital AND human. Brands should be present everywhere and relevant while...

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Tags: personlization, Thought Leadership, humanizing marketing,

VIP Q&A: Ted Rubin on Return on Relationship, Personal Commerce, Digital Marketing's Future and More

“Much of a future consumer’s product needs are becoming anticipated and automated...it’s ‘personal commerce’ that anticipates,...

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Tags: digital marketing, Thought Leadership, Voices In Personalization,

AiThority Interview with Anna Luo, VP of Customer Innovation and Marketing at Jivox

This interview was originally published on AiThority.

Hi Anna, please tell us about your current role and how you arrived at...

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Tags: personlization, diversity, digital marketing,

DCO: Smart Ways to Save Costs & Increase ROI

Global brands have achieved significant scale and efficiencies across most of marketing over the past 10 years, leveraging...

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Tags: dynamic creative optimization, personlization, Thought Leadership,

Introducing Jivox Dynamic Canvas Studio

What Is It & Why It Matters to In-house Creative Teams & Agencies

Earlier today, we launched Dynamic Canvas Studio (DCS), a...

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Tags: dynamic creative optimization, reduce costs, personlization,

Three Steps To Using Automation To Keep Personalized Digital Marketing Alive

This article was originally posted in Forbes.

Covid-19 has not only drastically changed the way we communicate with each other,...

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Tags: Thought Leadership

GrowthCast: Know Your Customers and Brand Differentiation for CMOs

What is KYC and why is it important in the retail world? What strategies can CMOs employ to transform their brands?

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Tags: brands, Thought Leadership, DTC,

GrowthCast: Best Data and DTC Practices

What are the essential ingredients for a successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) selling? Data, more data, and DTC best practices.


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Tags: omnichannel, Thought Leadership, DTC,

Discussing 'smart' with 59a's Adam Ray

In this episode of #Thetimeisnow, a podcast by Jivox, our Managing Director EMEA, Danielle Wykes, chats with Adam Ray, CEO and...

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Tags: People and Culture, entrepreneur, education

Ratna’s CAR.O.L - The Perils of Being a Maverick & Finding Your “Baby”

#Thetimeisnow, a podcast by Jivox, is back for season two. This week, our Managing Director EMEA, Danielle Wykes, chats with ...

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Tags: eCommerce marketing, Thought Leadership, fitness,

GrowthCast: The Future of Media and WFH

What does the future of media look like post COVID?

What significant changes are occurring in the competitive landscape, and...

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Tags: personlization, eCommerce marketing, Thought Leadership,

How Global Brands Can Use DCO To Thrive Now And Post-Pandemic

This article was originally published on Forbes.

Digital marketing, as we know it, has changed quite a bit in the past few...

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Tags: Thought Leadership

Resilience: How We Respond To Crisis

It’s been over two months since the COVID-19 Stay-at-home orders came into effect. In many ways, the coronavirus crisis has...

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Tags: People and Culture

How We Build A Dynamic Community of People, Culture and Inclusivity

Right around late March when the coronavirus panic-buying set in, none of us could find disinfecting solutions and wipes, rubbing...

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Tags: inclusiveness, COVID-19, TogetherApart,

Determination: What We Can Learn From An Ant

Tough times don't last. Determined people do.

In this moment of our fight against COVID-19, we see COURAGE among each of us as we...

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Tags: personlization, digital marketing, COVID-19,

The True Meaning of Dedication: from Family to Community

“Dedicate yourself to what gives your life true meaning and purpose; make a positive difference in someone's life.”― Roy T....

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Tags: personlization, digital marketing, COVID-19,

Finding Courage in Today's New Normal--Amid COVID-19

City by city, state by state, country after country--we see stay-at-home mandates coming into effect as governments are working...

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Tags: digital marketing, COVID-19, Stay-at-Home,

Jivox+LiveRamp: Delivering Brand-Centric, Omnichannel Personalization in a Privacy-First World

Bridging the gap: consumer privacy & personalization

Pew Research has found that nearly 80% of U.S. adults are concerned about...

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Tags: dynamic creative optimization, DCO, personlization,

Digital Marketer Speaks Out: Emma on ADHD

We are honored to share a story about Emma O'Sullivan. We’ve known Emma through our work together in creating personalized DCO...

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Tags: DCO, "personalization", inclusiveness,

Jivox Podcast: Digital Marketers on Diversity


Why Here, Why Now?

Danielle Wykes and I both work for Jivox, a company built on the strength and resilience of 150 talents...

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Tags: DCO, personlization, inclusiveness,

Omni-Channel Marketing Benchmark

The Positive Impact of Combining Omni-Channel Marketing with Personalized Messaging.

Remember back in 2003, Best Buy came up with...

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Tags: Thought Leadership

How Digital Marketers Win with Personalized Ads

Reinventing digital marketing through big data, machine-learning and dynamic creative.

In a Customer Experience & Loyalty Special...

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Tags: Thought Leadership

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